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Peter Leeming
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North Yorkshire.
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I have been offering an informal review service for several years as a result of running workshops, and I have now formalised it as follows:

I look at a set of your landscape images (maximum 25) that you send to me as prints, slides or digital files.*

I analyse and comment on your images, based on your technique, composition, use of light, use of colour etc.

I provide written commentary for you as a permanent record. The commentary will be constructive feedback along the lines of what is good, what is not so good, and how to improve.

A few days after you receive the written commentary you receive one hour interactive feedback by telephone in order to discuss your images, my commentary and points arising from these.

Please get in touch for more details or to request a booking form.

Price £65

Students of photography on GCSE, A Level or Degree Courses: £50

* please get in touch for advice about sending digital images


Below is an example of the kind of feedback you will receive by using this service....