Danby Beacon 3178


Danby Beacon 3226


Danby Beacon 3251


Danby Beacon 3166


The Hills Great Fryupdale 3153


Great Fryupdale 3158


Stanch Bullen 3136

A climbing trip to Lochaber was curtailed due to poor weather so we headed out to the Isle of Mull where we escaped the worst of the weather, enjoyed exploring the coastline, and saw hen harriers, white tailed sea eagles and otters.


Mull south from Caliach Point near Calgary 3128 web


Mull Kintra towards Ben More 3108 web


Mull Carsaig 3114 web


Mull Carsaig 3125 web


February ~ Scottish Highlands

Buachaille Etive Mor and the peaks south of Glencoe from Bidean nam Bian 756 web


The Mamores from Bidean nam Bian 0749 web


Lochan na hAchlaise Rannoch Moor 643 645 web


March ~ ski mountaineering, Stelvio National Park, Northern Italy

796 web


815 web


817 818 web


784 web


848 web


854 web


871 web BW


878 web BW


959 web


976 web


April ~ Upper Teesdale, North Pennines, England

2704 web


2749 web


2758 web


3019 web


May ~ River Esk, Glaisdale, North York Moors

3065 web


3078 web


May ~ Moor House - Upper Teesdale National Nature Reserve

015 web


Moor House Upper Teesdale National Nature Reserve 023 web



February ~ Scotland ~ Balquhidder

Loch Doine 84 85 pano web


Balquhidder 641 web


Balquhidder 622 web



Spring time in the North York Moors

Rosedale 1964 web

Rosedale East Iron Works


Westerdale 696 web

River Esk, Westerdale


June ~ Isle of Arran

Arran 759 web


Arran 802 web


1782 84 pano 2000px web

 Arran 813 web


1837 LR edit


Arran 1756 web


June ~ St Abbs head, Scotland

St Abbs 1948 web


St Abbs 1934 web


St Abbs 1944 web


St Abbs 1950 web


July ~ South West England

Blackchurch 839 web


Blackchurch 852 web


Compass Point 939 web


Cornakey 922 web


Mark questing along the Culm Coast looking for Cornakey Cliff 890 web


slate 2090 web


Bats Head Dorset Coast west of Durdle Door 2050 web


July ~ Yorkshire Dales

Above Dentdale 2227 web


Scales Moor and Ingleborough 2206 web


Scales Moor and Whernside 2184 web


Upper Eden Valley and Mallerstang Edge 2159 60 pano web


September ~ Runswick Bay, Yorkshire Coast

Runswick 282 web


Runswick 333 web


Runswick 347 web


Runswick 359 web


September ~ Lleyn Peninsula, North Wales

Cilan Head 441 web


Mynydd Anelog from Porth Iago 624 web


Porth Ceiriad 409 web


Porth Ceiriad 468 LR web


Porth Oer 452 web


Porth Oer 463 web


Porth Oer 475 web


Porth Oer 488 web


Uwchmynydd 367 web


Uwchmynydd 395 web


Uwchmynydd 405 web


October ~ Westerdale, North York Moors

Westerdale October 2016 004 web


November ~ Danby Park Woods, North York Moors

Danby Park Nov 16 2560 web


Danby Park Nov 16 2563 web


November ~ Kildale, North York Moors

2597 web


December ~ Boulby Cliffs, Yorkshire Coast

Boulby 588 edit


2546 LR edit


Boulby 2507 LR web






A return to the Mont Blanc Massif in August and September 2015 provided a fabulous opportunity to meet up with some good friends, go climbing, do some long days running in the mountains, and of course, make some new images......


1398 web I


1207 1208 web


A run up to the Albert Premiere Hut in deteriorating weather was my first trip out, and the Glacier du Tour shows its scale...

0989 web I

September and October provided a few, rare days of inversions with oceans of mist over the Esk Valley up here in North Yorkshire. Unusually for me, I managed to be in the right place at the right time on two occasions.......


North York Moors inversion

North Yorks Moors inversion

North York Moors inversion

North York Moors inversion

 All of these images were taken up on the Oakley Walls above the Esk Valley, looking over to Glaisdale, to Lealholm and into Great Fryupdale.



At the end of May, my client and I finally met up for a much postponed photography workshop. We were particularly wanting to photograph some of the less well known limestone pavements in dramatic light. Between October 2014 and May 2015 we must have postponed about a dozen times... eventually we made it, and we were able to make some dramatic images...


Ingleborough 911 web a


Southerscales 932 web a


As is usually the case, it is the abstracted fine detail, rather than the wider view, that contains the real narrative....


Southerscales 955 web a

Back in late April we made the long trip out from Oban across the Minch to South Uist. Sunburnt on the first day and whipped by the winds and squalls later in the week. Hen harriers, cuckoos, golden eagles kept us company besides the peaceful shores of Loch Aineort, below the slopes of Beinn Mhor....


Loch Einort South Uist 824 web a


781 web a


Evening light over Hecla, South Uist....

Hecla South Uist 773 web a


Springtime on the North York Moors

They say that winter isn't over until the daffodils have finished flowering, and up here in Danby in the North York Moors, the daffodils aren't even out yet. Yet Spring is here, even if winter isn't over, and I'm sure we will have plenty of weather to come. Does that make sense?

At the end of February we had a trip out to Boulby Cliffs on the Yorkshire Coast (well the Cleveland coast to be exact). It was still officially winter, but try telling that to the skylark that was singing his heart out a hundred metres up.

Then Boulby revealed its secrets once more...

Boulby Cliffs, Yorkshire Coast

alum shales, Boulby Cliffs, Yorkshire Coast

alum shales, Boulby Cliffs, Yorkshire Coast


Up here on the Moors, the greylag geese are now flying around in pairs, the curlew and lapwing returned about a week ago, oystercatchers are pairing up in the meadows around the River Esk, and last weekend, when it was sunny and 13 degrees Celsius, there were some adders out on the south facing hillside above the village ( I wouldn't have expected to see them until sunny days in April).

Down here in the village, the blackbirds are getting pretty fractious with each other, and the starlings are lining their nests with the crocuses from the lawn......

Earlier this week, I made a return trip to Saltwick Bay in preparation for forthcoming landscape photography workshops, and made these images in very clear and bright weather....

sandstone and iron Saltwick Bay, Yorkshire Coast

iron and shale, Saltwick Bay, Yorkshire Coast

Spring might be on hold this week as we have a high pressure system over Russia which is bringing an Easterly airflow, cooling down even more as it crosses the North Sea, which will be at its coldest round about now... perhaps only seven degrees. Still, there is the solar eclipse to look forward to on Friday 20th March.


Ice climbing and landscape photography on Ben Nevis and Aonach Mor

Fresh back from the photography trip to the Lake District, I turned everything around and headed up to the Scottish Highlands. The Arctic blast had created some fabulous conditions for ice climbing and many of the routes, especially on Ben Nevis, were fat with ice.

After an early start, I met with friends Mark and Rob in Penrith, then we made the long drive north. We reached the Glencoe ski area about 2pm, and feeling rather lazy, I lent my skis and boots to Mark (the ski hire had run out of skis). Whilst you may think this was very generous, you haven't seen the state of my skis.....


The following day, we made a dawn start from the North Face car park to approach Ben Nevis...

dawn approach to Ben Nevis 624 web